Vibration Plate

  • $195.00
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Refine the fitness machine with the features of your home. Integrate into your environment. 

Adopt the movement principle of high frequency and low amplitude. More ergonomic to reduce the sports injury. 

Raises your metabolism helping your body burn more fat. Enhance the effect of exercise and reduce the negative effects, such as muscle strain. 

Relax and wake up the body.

American imported environmental friendly oak. Odourless.

With the customised app, you get double control system, data control & management at the same time.


Product Size      

Floor Size: 565mm*380mm*170mm

Gross Weight:7.0/7.6(Two) kg         

Net Weight: 6.2/6.8(Two) kg

Package Size: 600 mm*400mm*180mm


Product Parameter     

Control Method: Remote Controller

Installation Method: Installation Free.

Product Max Bearing Weight: 120Kgs