Easy Walker

  • $755.00
Tax included.

The innovative design applies the woody furniture technology into the fitness equipment, shortening the distance between products and users.

A new member of the furniture. Your sporting home. Integrated with the house in easy to collect pieces creating less space.

This simple design gives users additional experiences, such as sitting running & lying running. 

With the customised app, you get double control system, data control & management at the same time. 

With the front high and the rear low at 3 degrees of fixed slope ergonomic design. The most desirable running angle.

Product Size:

Floor Size: 1300mm*560mm*200mm

Gross Weight: 32.8KG

Net Weight: 28kg

Package Size: Square 1340*620*260/Trapezium 1340*620*260/145

Product Shown Speed/Actual Speed: 1-8 Gears LED/0.8-6.8KM/H

Product Max Bearing Weight: 90KGS


Product Parameter:

Treadmill Running Belt Specification: 400*880MM

Electric Engine Specification: 0.75HP DC Electric Engine

Collapsible Method: Collapsible

Installation Method: Installation Free

Control Method: Double Control Mode --APP+Remote Controller


Handrail & lift desk not included. Desk can be purchased separately.